Weed - Marijuana

May, 5th, 2022 12:02 pm

This week included an empty, overcast amusement park. A night with friends watching celebrities on display, angrily commenting on how wealth and status does not equal taste or understanding of culture. The bitter resentment as thoughts of friends and acquaintances who could pull off much better looks with a fraction of the resources, and on theme at that!

A breakdown with eyes watching as I panicked, dissolving into sobs at the incessant plague of thoughts regarding the government and their imagined involvement in my life. Sometimes the paranoia gets too overwhelming and it feels like this:

By nightfall Tuesday, I just wanted to watch something soft. We cooked in the kitchen for the first time in too long and it felt natural to exist alongside one another again and some of the anxiety and paranoia from earlier faded away. After much time wasted flipping through choices with a smoke break intermission, we settled on Swiss Army Man as I'd recently seen Daniels' newest film: Everything Everywhere All at Once and was interested to see any differences or parallels.

My verdict is that while certain aspects of Swiss Army Man felt outdated/in poor taste, Daniels' playful direction sense is still felt throughout. Their ability to weave together heartfelt messages on human nature with absurdist, child-like humor is what will keep me watching. It also feels like they've grown up a bit between the two films and I'd love to see that arc of growth continue in their future endeavors. As long as they don't lose the whimsicality.

Wednesday was for a nap. I keep thinking about the Summer ahead and all of the plans I've made with friends. All my plans are spaced out so I have rest in between and I feel like I've constructed the year so carefully. The only plans I have for the rest of the week is continuing our DnD 5e campaign and probably playing mario party with my housemates.

I don't know how often I'll update this, but thank you for reading.